Video is emerging as the best tool to deliver training, information and updates to employees and customers in business. In April 2013, IBM’s CEO Gini Rometty used an all-hands video to inform more than 400,000 employees about the company’s strategic direction. On a daily  basis, video content from the internet or enterprise servers is consumed by millions of employees, world-wide!

HD video is a voracious consumer of bandwidth. Cisco’s widely tracked Visual Networking Index indicates “Globally, business IP video traffic will be 57% of business IP traffic in 2017, up from 30% in 2012″, while ” Globally, total Internet video traffic (business and consumer, combined) will be 67% of all Internet traffic in 2017, up from 52% in 2012.”

With our business and personal lives increasingly time-slicing through the day, IT leaders should expect to see similar impact on their enterprise networks, with video dominating total network usage soon.

With video streams taking from 1- 8 Mbps, filling up a wide-area-network with video is a simple matter of a new training video emerging on the enterprise web site, or a flash news event that every employee wants to watch. How does Enterprise IT deal with this onslaught of video?

With Release 7.0, Citrix CloudBridge recently expanded its video capabilities to include branch side video caching. Users can watch videos within XenDesktop (Flash, Windows Media) or on their favorite browser (practically any format) from a broad cross section of internet or enterprise based video servers, while minimizing the impact on their WAN. With video caching, once a user views a video, all subsequent viewings of the same content are “free” in terms of WAN consumption. This allows for 10-50X more video viewing in the branch, depending on content type.

Other CloudBridge capabilities include the use of intelligent acceleration (QoS setting) to provide appropriate levels of priority for video streams within XenDesktop sessions while ensuring the best interactive application experience for all users in a branch or campus.

So whether you use XenDesktop or your favorite video client, you can now watch more video, more often, without having choppy content or delay!

Learn more about video caching on the Citrix CloudBridge here.