The Citrix teams shows off hosted desktop and applications cloud offerings at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week in Houston.

Blog Entry Authored by: Samm DiStasio, VP Microsoft Alliance and Solutions Architecture

Remember when at Synergy in May we announced that we would be making our ShareFile service available on Azure?

Well. It’s happened.

This week we announced another key milestone in our relationship with Microsoft extending XenDesktop to the cloud via Windows Azure.   Running Citrix in Azure helps Enterprises with an on-ramp to the cloud, and assists Citrix Service Providers in delivering better cost/performance benefits.

As part of our Avalon vision, we are now the first company to offer high performance app and desktop delivery via Windows Azure.

Here are the quick highlights:

Extending XenDesktop to the cloud via Windows Azure has a number of key benefits:

  • o For cost-sensitive customers: Customers who are cost-sensitive to compute, networking and storage costs may find that Azure significantly improves their XenApp and XenDesktop TCO computations.
  • o To shorten time-to-production: Customers will find that the convenience of utilizing cloud-based infrastructure essentially eliminates the lead-time for procuring and configuring hardware for their Citrix deployments, accelerating the time to value.
  • o To reduce infrastructure sizing risk: Customers unsure about sizing Citrix instances will find that use of Windows Azure allows them to continuously tailor the size and type of compute pools.

The target audiences for this offer are:

  • o Enterprises who want to leverage the capacity of Microsoft Windows Azure cloud to deliver cloud-hosted apps and desktops – with all of the agility and economic advantages that the public cloud brings.
  • o Service providers who want to focus on their core business of providing high-value hosted desktop and app services – while leveraging the scale and reach of the MSFT public cloud infrastructure.

As part of this effort, Citrix is publishing two design guidesto help accelerate Citrix deployments in Azure. One for enterprises using XenDesktop 7, and the other for Service Providers, these design guides reinforce our experience delivering desktops from the cloud.    XenApp and XenDesktop Design guides for Azure, as well as Citrix’s support statement:

There is plenty more going on with our friends at Microsoft and I look forward to giving you additional insight in future blog posts.  Suffice to say that the pace of change is increasing around the cloud and devices and the Citrix partnership with Microsoft will be a catalyst for some great innovations moving forward.