Worx Home for WP8Windows Phone 8 devices are growing in popularity as a personal and business asset. With XenMobile, you can help your users take full advantage of Outlook, Office Mobile, and the growing list of business productivity apps for Windows Phone 8.

XenMobile 8.5, which just released, can help users configure Exchange email accounts, install enterprise certificates, and set device passcode and storage policies when they enroll their devices.  It also configures an enterprise app store, a new application called Worx Home for Windows Phone 8.  Settings, policies and apps are tailored to each user’s role.

Worx Home is the one place users can go to find and install recommended enterprise and Windows Store applications. Enterprise apps are apps that are signed by an enterprise certificate so that they are only available to enrolled users.  Worx Home also helps users quickly find the Windows Store productivity and collaboration applications with the greatest value.

If  users change roles, you can selectively remove their corporate profile and wipe all of their enterprise apps without impacting personal apps and data. If a device is lost, you have the ability to wipe the device’s internal user storage, including all personal content including apps, emails, contacts, and media file – basically resetting the device to its factory settings.

With XenMobile 8.5 there is one solution for on-boarding employees, protecting information, and getting your users the applications that enhance their ability to work and play from anywhere.

For more details see Managing Windows Phone 8 Configurations on eDocs.

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David Coleman
Director of Product Management