Citrix Ready Product Webinar

XenServer is now fully open source. Join us for this one hour session to get an overview of the new open source strategy for XenServer 6.2. Learn why XenServer was open sourced, why this is great for you and your customers and how to get involved in the new community. You’ll also learn what’s new in XenServer 6.2 including simplified packaging and pricing models, massive performance and scalability improvements, XenDesktop integrations and more.

What to expect:

1)      Opening

2)      XenServer recap

  • Market momentum, industry accolades, OSS heritage

3)      Recent OSS news

  • Xen to the Linux Foundation
  • 6.2 launch – XS now fully OS

4)      What does it mean

  • Single edition, simplified pricing, new community, source code access

5)      Why we did it

6)      Why does it matter to you and customers

7)      Packing and pricing

8)      What else is new in 6.2

9)      Getting involved à Ecosystem and

  • What is there, site preview, what you can do
  • nVidia example  as how this helps

10)   Who’s already involved

11)   How partner like you get involved

12)   C-Ready Test Kits are updated, next steps

Speakers:•  Scott Lindars, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Citrix Cloud Platforms Group •  Rachel Berry, XenServer Partner Engineering Team, Citrix

Product / Version: XenServer 6.2

Date and Time: July 16, 2013, 10:00am – 11:00am EST / 02:00pm – 03:00pm UTC / 07:30pm – 08:30pm IST

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