If you are a Citrix NetScaler Gateway (earlier referred to as Access Gateway) customer, or have followed some of the recent evolution of the product, I bet you have seen our commitment to product simplification. In December 2012, we launched a wizard that let you set up access to Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop/CloudGateway in a very easy manner. That wizard helped a lot of you with your administrative work, and we got some great feedback from all of you. Simplification is an ongoing activity, and here we are, announcing our latest on this journey.

With the new 10.1 release, we have a new simplified experience built into the product. You can look at this experience to be a summation of the following:

  1. A great new FTU (First Time User) flow for NetScaler
  2. Personalized NetScaler Gateway Home experience
  3. Further simplification to the Gateway wizard

FTU Experience

NetScalers now come with a new FTU flow built in, and the idea is simple – Before you get into all the hardcore stuff that NetScalers let you do, tell us a bit about your NetScaler. So we collect this basic info, including the license, reboot and give you an experience more apt to your use case. Say, the licenses you supplied is a Gateway license, so we take you to this new personalized Gateway home experience automatically. Cool!

NetScaler Gateway Personalized Home Experience

So you applied a Gateway license, and we decided to take you to this personalized Gateway Home experience. What is this new experience? Again, the idea is very simple – NetScaler offers you tons of functionality. Not all of that is relevant to your Gateway use case. So we hide all those unnecessary tools away, so that you can focus on your primary use case – configure the Gateway to provide Remote Access. This new Home experience will let you do just that – create new Gateway vServers, monitor them, edit/delete them, …

Simplified Gateway Wizard

So this new Home experience lets you create new NetScaler gateway vServers. And we decided to make this a breeze. The Gateway is broken down into the following sections:

  1. vServer Basic settings – Supply the Virtual IP, Port, Name for this gateway
  2. Certificate – Supply the certificate to set up SSL
  3. Authentication – Define the LDAP/Certificate/Radius/SmartCard, 1-2 factor authentication you need this gateway to enforce
  4. Citrix Enterprise Store settings – Configure details about your Citrix backend: XenMobile / XenDesktop / XenApp.

The new XenMobile experience is such a breeze with this new flow and the wizard lets you set this up in a jiffy. As stated by a XenMobile expert – “The new wizard takes the mobility setup from Hours to a few Minutes” J

Do play with the new experience, and feel free to provide us with feedback on this. We continue to further simplify our products because at the end of the day, we are extremely focused on End User and Admin Experience.

The new release is available here.

Find more details on the release here.

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