The latest NetScaler Gateway release comes with a great new feature that in tandem with SMSPasscode, provides an advanced security feature – Geo IP Lookup.

SMSPasscode is a strong 2-factor OTP authentication vendor, which uses SMSs on cell phones for the 2nd factor. They offer some very unique features in this domain, one of them being Geo IP Lookup. The idea behind this technology is simple – how can we augment the standard authentication process with contextual information (based on  geo location and login behavior), to take smarter decisions about the authentication flow, and essentially minimize potential threats like man in the middle attacks, phishing, …

In the latest Citrix NetScaler Gateway 10.1 release, we introduced the ability to ‘Send Calling Station ID’ as part of a RADIUS request to your 2nd factor system. According to RADIUS specifications (RFC 2865), attribute 31 (Calling-Station-Id) can be used to carry the station id as part of the Access-Request packet. In our context, that happens to be the IP address. So NetScaler essentially leverages this attribute, to send the IP to the 2nd factor system. The 2nd factor system can then potentially read this attribute, and leverage this input to take smarter decisions. This is exactly what SMSPasscode does today.

So together, NetScaler Gateway and SMSPasscode offer this unique value and an innovative solution, to help our customers deploy applications and desktops with complete control on security.

You can read more about the release here.

You can download the release from here.

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