Citrix Mobility story, takes the next step with the release of XenMobile 8.5, and with this release, also comes the latest and the greatest of NetScaler Gateway – Release.

Some quick points about this release:

  1. NetScaler Gateway is the rebranded Access Gateway product. Given that we have consolidated all our earlier Access Gateway product lines (yes we had multiple) into a single Gateway, based on NetScaler, we are now calling it NetScaler Gateway. Makes it easier to identify what this Gateway is… right.
  2. Release removes the TechPreview tag from NetScaler Gateway 10.1. We have had the Gateway available as a Tech Preview for a month now. This release is no longer a Tech preview, and can be actively deployed for Production use.
  3. This release can be used across the following deployments / use cases
    1. XenMobile
    2. XenDesktop / XenApp
    3. SSL VPN

NOTE: This is the recommended release for the latest XenMobile 8.5 release and contains some necessary infrastructure changes for mobility.

Now lets get to what’s new and exciting with this new Release. Let’s get started.

  1. Windows 8 support: NetScaler Gateway 10.1 now supports Windows 8 platform for all use cases, including SSL VPN. What this means is that we support all the popular browsers for ICA access, as well as the fact that the new NetScaler Gateway plug-in runs great on Windows 8.
  2. Simplified UI: We have gone to great lengths, to really simplify your experience with NetScaler Gateway, as you configure it to setup remote access to your Citrix infrastructure. We have a great new experience that lets you create new vServers, monitor them, edit them… from a very simple and intuitive UI. There is also a great FTU experience built in,
  3. IPv6 support: Yes, NetScaler Gateway is now IPv6 ready, for all your IPv6 ICA deployments. If you are using the latest Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop deployments, and have already moved your enterprise network to the IPv6, NetScaler Gateway is up to the task. Now you can set up an IPv6 VIP, and have v6 clients talk to a v6 Citrix backend.
  4. SAML 2.0 SP support: NetScaler Gateway also introduces support for SAML 2.0, as a Service Provider. What that means is that you can now seamlessly deploy NetScaler Gateway in your secure infrastructure, without any need of modifying your well-established authentication infrastructure. As long as you have a SAML IdP, NetScaler Gateway can be configured to work as a Service Provider and provide SSO from your IdP to NetScaler Gateway, and further to your Citrix backend.
  5. AppFlow for HDX: You have certainly heard of HDX Insight. If you haven’t, check it out here.  Essentially the idea is that this tool is able to parse HDX traffic passing through NetScaler Gateway, and provide you great visibility at both application and networking level. This requires AppFlow Auditing support on NetScaler Gateway, which has been built as part of this release.
  6. XenMobile Integration: With every subsequent release, we build better and better integration with XenMobile product line, and this release builds on the same concept. This release has core infrastructure support for the new Worx Store, as well as seamless ShareFile support.

In addition to the above list of great new features, there are loads of quality improvements and bug fixes that get packaged in. The new NetScaler Gateway is a major release and is highly recommended for all XenMobile / XenApp / XenDesktop & SSL VPN deployments.

The new release can be found here.