Many of you have already heard, but in case you missed Synergy LA this year, Citrix announced XenDesktop 7, the next major release of the market-leading app and desktop virtualization solution. XenDesktop 7 is designed to help your customers mobilize their core Windows line-of-business apps.  Partners, this BIG news is worth repeating! I invite you to join in the hubbub around XenDesktop 7 and learn all about the benefits of this new solution, which simplifies delivery of apps and desktops as a cloud service and allows enterprise Windows apps to function beautifully on mobile devices.

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Citrix XenDesktop 7 is the first release in the previously announced Project Avalon initiative. This release introduces easy deployment, simple administration, time-saving automation and a flexible new architecture that prepares IT to leverage private, public and hybrid cloud resources. Watch What’s new in XenDesktop and XenApp Platinum on Citrix TV to get a full overview of the new release.

XenDesktop 7 introduces HDX Mobile, designed to provide seamless transitions between devices of any type, empowering employees to do more while protecting intellectual property and sensitive, private data. New HDX Mobile technologies dynamically translate standard app controls for complex multi-touch gestures. HDX Mobile can also refactor menus and orientation to optimize between tablets and smartphones, making it simpler than ever to deliver existing Windows apps to mobile users. Windows apps are automatically refactored for interaction on touch-enabled devices without time consuming, expensive re-writes.  In addition, new standards-based H.264 deep compression technology in HDX overcomes the challenges of mobile networks, by cutting bandwidth consumption in half while doubling high definition video frame rates and dynamically conquering the variations in latency and dropped packets that are ever present in public broadband networks. To obtain further details on HDX enhancements, watch Reinventing HDX for mobile, 3D graphics and beyond on Citrix TV.

Built on the new FlexCast architecture, XenDesktop 7 is designed to enable cloud-style simplicity, automation and scale:

  • Radical simplification through the automation and unification of both app and desktop delivery on either hosted-shared (RDS) Windows Server or Windows desktop OS-based VDI hosts
  • Multiple versions of Windows Server and desktop operating systems may be run side-by-side including newly enabled support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • New Studio console contains easy-to-use service design workflows, bulk application publishing and  automated configuration checking designed to eliminate configuration errors and speed production deployments by as much as 80%
  • New Director console is optimized for helpdesk and real-time troubleshooting; built-in EdgeSight end-user experience analytics tools for long-term capacity management, resource planning, and service level assurance
  • Automated physical to virtual app migration analysis tools, powered by Citrix AppDNA to speed migration.

The following Citrix TV videos provide a more in depth look at the FlexCast management architecture and the latest improvements in helpdesk operations:

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