Let’s talk XD7! XenDesktop 7, that is. Start the conversation with your colleagues and customers and build your knowledge by adding XenDesktop 7 skills to your portfolio. Citrix Education is releasing a new, comprehensive curriculum for XenDesktop 7 solutions covering real-world challenges and use cases. These training resources will help prepare you for the different aspects of customer engagements, from  recommending to planning, implementing and supporting XenDesktop 7 projects.

The Introduction to Citrix XenDesktop 7 course will provide the overview you need to get started. This two-hour online course, available at no charge, will guide you through desktop and app virtualization terminology. It provides an understanding of architecture, components, key solution scenarios and use cases, whether your customers are adopting or transitioning to XenDesktop 7 app and desktop solutions.

Management and deployment instructor-led courses will be available in Q3:

To learn more and to take a sneak peek at the XenDesktop 7 courses and certifications that will roll out throughout the year, visit www.citrix.com/xdtraining.

For further discussion around XenDesktop 7 and the resources available to you, please reach out directly to Kevin Strohmeyer and as always stay connected-  follow us at @CitrixPartners on Twitter and join in on the hubbub- add your voice to the “Citrix Partner Hubbub” today!