The tale of two rock bands.

A surprise, and a NOT surprise, and then a PRIZE!

Last weekend I went to see the Fab Four – a Beatles tribute band – and was surprised at how well they not only played and sang the songs, but the way they messed around was just the Beatles did on live radio shows. Even the scouse was pretty darn good for a bunch of Americans. As a teenager and through my early twenties I pretty much rocked with the Beatles every day, so this was a great blast from the past for me.

So, having had a great rocking weekend, I headed off to Cisco Live 2013 to see how the news of the new Citrix NetScaler 1000V was going to go down with the Cisco crowd. No surprise this time – NETSCALER ROCKED.

The first day we had around 800 visitors at the expo booth in just 3 hours and the hot topic of course was NetScaler. Although not on booth duty, I shed my business shirt and jacket and put on the new bright blue Citrix booth attire and got stuck in to updating the throng around the booth on why NetScaler Rocks. Some IT professionals were already into the NetScaler music and one guy was so excited he stood around telling those in line what a great product it was for his data center. I wish I has some of Jason’s NETSCALER ROCKS badges to hand out.

After David Yen’s keynote where he delivered the news on the new Citrix NetScaler 1000V coming from Cisco, there was a fantastic session by one of the Cisco SE’s, Jeff Ostermiller. Jeff had been working with NetScaler for a few months  and with a packed room of over 300 people, he took the crowd through the NetScaler basics and explained why NETSCALER ROCKED. There were a couple of Citrix guys sat at the front logged in to answer all the questions that were coming in online and it is well worth downloading the session PDF.

So there you have it – the new Fab Four rock band:- NetScaler MPX, NetScaler SDX, NetScaler VPX and the new Citrix NetScaler 1000V.

So now let’s have some fun with any of you Beatles and NetScaler fans out there.

Which NetScaler product matches up to which of the Beatles and why?

Put your answers in the comments and if there are enough entries(and some good ones) I’ll work out a prize for the winner.