Here at Citrix we are pleased to announce the availability of XenDesktop 7 – our newly redesigned, unified architecture for delivering, managing and monitoring both apps and desktops from a single platform.  I’m sure you have heard about all the new wonderful features for mobility, such as the HDX Mobile features that dynamically transform Windows apps and desktops to be touch-enable on any kind of tablet or mobile device, without a single app rewrite. But mobility is just one of manyt new innovations to be included with XenDesktop 7.We have also radically simplified the core architecture to allow admins to deliver virtual apps and desktops for various operating systems all under a single configuration and management framework.  Worried about having to migrate to yet another new operating system? Don’t sweat it…you can manage Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 virtual desktops all from XenDesktop, same goes for server-based desktops and Windows apps, you can manage Window Server 2008R2 and Server 2012, too!  Of course all these changes in architecture have only enhanced the existing secure-by-design, scalable, cost effective solution you have known and valued for years past.

But enough about the features, I’m sure you are anxious to get your hands on the actual product and see them for yourself.  So, how do you try XenDesktop 7?  Well we have improved that as well.  You can download a XenDesktop 7 Do-It-Yourself evaluation kit that provides you with all the software, including the Citrix XenServer hypervisor, to stand-up an environment onsite within your organization. Remember, you can use any hypervisor you want, including Microsoft Hyper-V as well.  So let’s give you all the info you need to get going:

·        Where do I get the software?
Anyone can download the XenDesktop 7 Do-It-Yourself evaluation kit.  Existing Citrix customers can also login to their MyAccount to access the software as well.

·        How long is the trial?  You can download the XenDesktop software and get up and running for 30-days and 10-users without any licenses.  If you want to share XenDesktop 7 with even more users, you can leverage the eval license also provided with the trial kit to expand the environment to 99-users and 90-days making it easy to show everyone all the benefits XenDesktop can deliver.

·        How do I configure the environment?  Although this release of XenDesktop is very easy to install and configure, we want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful, so Citrix XenDesktop Tech Marketing expert Mayunk Jain has kindly created a XenDesktop 7 Reviewer’s Guide that provides you with step-by-step instructions of the installation and an explanation of all the new features you can evaluate.  This guide will show you how to deliver Windows apps to all your mobile users on any type of device, how to create and deliver virtual desktops, and how to provide secure remote access to an existing PC with remote PC access.

·        What do I do if I need help?  To understand detailed product information, system requirements, and pre-reqs please reference Citrix eDocs product documentation.  We have also asked our engineers and subject matter experts to actively monitor our XenDesktop 7 trial community forum to assist with all your questions and provide recommendations.  Even if you don’t have a question, this is a great community to be a part of to learn how others are capitalizing on all the new features and benefits. 

Hope you have a wonderful XenDesktop 7 trial!