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Citrix Partner Hubbub is spreading the word on how Citrix Cloudbridge can reduce NetApp SnapMirror replication times by a factor of seven to 10, helping your customers achieve faster replication of file systems across datacenters for disaster recovery and business intelligence mining.

The Citrix CloudBridge platform is now certified for accelerating NetApp SnapMirror data replication technology.  Deploying CloudBridge in conjunction with SnapMirror adds important capabilities including TCP optimization, data compression, protocol acceleration and QoS. CloudBridge benefits customers by speeding up replication of stored files – particularly during critical interruptions – and mitigating the effects of latency and packet loss.

Working together, NetApp and Citrix CloudBridge offer enterprises a cloud-ready storage environment that delivers efficiency, optimizes maintenance and accelerates IT agility.

This newly announced capability extends the CloudBridge value proposition, which includes optimizing XenDesktop and XenApp deployments, accelerating legacy enterprise applications and video caching.

See the NetApp announcement.  For more information, please review the updated Success Kits or contact the CloudBridge Marketing Team.

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