Today, I’m blogging about the strong response to the new Opportunity Registration program for cloud networking deals. I’m Blake Cotton, a member of the Citrix worldwide channel marketing team, and I encourage partners that have used Opportunity Registration to talk about this new sales tool. How is it helping you succeed in the cloud networking space? What advantages are you gaining from being certified in cloud networking?  Please join the conversation and provide your insights to peers who may be considering participating in this program.

Citrix partners have enthusiastically embraced the new Opportunity Registration program by submitting more than 4,700 registrations to date. They are gaining a competitive edge in cloud networking sales.

Through this program, partners become eligible to earn an additional upfront discount of up to 10 percent from their distributor, simply by being the first to submit a validated cloud networking Opportunity Registration.  The Opportunity Registration Program is available to CSAs, LARs, SIs and ISVs who are certified in cloud networking.

To participate in the program, be the first cloud networking certified partner to submit an Opportunity Registration for a cloud networking deal.  Use the Leads and Rewards tool in Partner Central to submit, manage and track your registrations.

Please reach out to Ron Bauman for further questions and comments regarding the new Opportunity Registration program.

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