Further to our recent poll around in place upgrade, I’d like to now share with you our analysis of the results.

There were 48 responses to the poll which is very good so we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who responded.  There were some interesting results and a few surprises which we didn’t really expect.

The results have been analysed and these will be discussed in more detail.  We’d like to encourage comments from people as to whether these results appear to represent the general thoughts around the upgrade process or whether something else is missing.

One of the questions we asked was ‘would you perform an in place upgrade of XenDesktop’.  The results can be seen in the chart below.

The results were interesting as we did not expect such a high number of people who would perform an in place upgrade.  We generally expected it to be 50/50 as we already know some customers prefer to have a parallel deployment when moving to a new version of XenDesktop.   Some of the reasons could be due to the complexity of the product and the fact that a lot of work is involved with getting a fully working system from catalogs, Desktop groups, apps, policies, settings and admins and people just do not want to rebuild this all again when it is already working.  They simply just want to upgrade a live environment a stage at a time preserving all of these items.  One reason for customers deploying parallel environments may be because they are also performing an OS refresh at the same time.  Again we’d like to see comments around this as to whether this is an accurate analysis or not or if there are other reasons for having a parallel deployment rather than performing an in place upgrade.

Other reasons for not performing an upgrade and building a fresh roll out included:

  • Clean up and restructure environment
  • Avoiding possible downtime
  • Easier to revert if there were any problems
  • Test new features and find bugs before rollout
  • Upgrade to coincide with new hardware
  • Change management requires phased approach
  • Upgrading other non-citrix components
  • Upgrading Database concerns
  • Concerns over previous design decisions impacting on performance of an upgraded environment.

Another question we asked was whether or not any customers had performed an upgrade of XenDesktop previously the results show almost an equal split.

This is interesting as it means people who haven’t performed upgrades previously are more interested in doing it with the new release of XenDesktop.

We also asked for a new version of released software what option would a customer perform.  The choices were between upgrade, Migration and Fresh Roll-Out.  This was a multiple choice question so more than one option could be selected.

The results closely match the general results of the simpler question of whether you would perform an upgrade or not.  This helps us to gauge confidence in the consistency of the results of the poll and show that generally a higher percentage of customers are looking at some form of upgrade, whether it be a straight upgrade or a migration of data from an already existing deployment.

We also asked the question about what upgrade processes would an admin expect to be performed automatically during an upgrade.  This was another multiple choice question with a selection of features/roles.  In general it seems most people who would perform an upgrade expect the upgrade process to be automatic with only a small number preferring to manually upgrade components.

There were also a few comments on concerns customers have with some of these processes/components being performed automatically.  These included:

  • Upgrading controllers could leave some clients with connection issues to VDAs
  • Shared components such as license servers/WI/Storefront should be done manually
  • Automated backup of DB and site configuration reliability concerns
  • Client connectivity and seamless user access during upgrade

The poll is still open if you would like to contribute to the results @ http://bit.ly/197nrMg

Thank you for all your feedback which has enabled us to gather some interesting data.  We look forward to hearing from you about your experience with in place upgrade.

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