One of these days lost in my own thoughts, I broke one of my coffee mugs sitting right on chair. For fraction of seconds, a thought brushed my wonderful mind to click undo and fix it. As silly was the thought, it was a point of realization that we relate everything with ease of usability we experience in our day to day life.

Without doubt, we seek this ease of management in work life too.

Ever wondered if there was an undo button and you can just go back to even few minutes old configuration?

Ever thought if you could copy/paste configuration from one device to the rest of the devices, when you know they need to have similar configuration.

Ever wished to see all configuration changes in last couple of days.

This wish list is never ending. But, Command Center can put a full stop to a lot of these.

Backup your configuration on demand

Command Center backups configuration every 12 hours and lets the user decide the number of copies he would like to maintain. The user can also take backup on demand and download locally whenever he wants.

To avail backup and restore you just need right click on the devices under ‘Citrix Network’ and select ‘Device Property’.

Configuration Files Backed Up

Below are the configuration files backed up during the regular backup interval. You can always click on “View Files” and preview the configuration backed up.

Restore a configuration at your will

Command Center lets the user restore any of the configuration backed up in the system as shown in the snapshot above. The user just needs to click on ‘Restore Configuration’ from the list of backed up config list and he is good to go.

Assess configuration changes before Restore.

Command Center facilitate assessing configuration changes before restoring backed up config with just click on ‘Diff with Running Config’ option as shown below.

Replicate configuration across multiple devices

When you want similar configuration across your devices, Replicate Config functionality is THE solution. It lets you replicate configuration from one device to multiple devices excluding networking configuration.

Replicate functionality can be availed under the ‘Citrix Network’. You can right click on the device you want to replicate the configuration from and select the target devices.

Once the replication is done, you can view the replication status and look into the details of the commands executed as shown in the snapshot below.

This is how configuration can be rolled across devices with such an ease, making life a bit easier than it was. Yet another time Command Center becomes successful in making your life easier :).

With this goal in mind we will continue to bring more features and make it yet more easy at every step you take across your Citrix Networking devices.

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