As a huge crowd of Citrix Synergy attendees applauded the University of São Paulo (USP) for winning the 2013 Citrix Innovation Award, members of the Solve System team enjoyed some well-earned satisfaction. The Brazilian Gold Citrix Solution Advisor, working closely with the Citrix Channel, implemented a $60 million private cloud project called “Nuvem USP” (Cloud USP) to enable USP to consolidate numerous “mini IT” installations across multiple campuses and strengthen security of valuable data and intellectual property. This project leveraging Citrix CloudPlatform and Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager not only won a prestigious award but also is serving as the model for enterprise clouds in Brazil.

Synergy virtuous circle

In a neat coincidence, USP’s interest in a private cloud solution began at a previous Synergy event, where the acquisition of by Citrix was announced.  The university engaged Solve System, which had successfully completed prior networking and desktop virtualization projects, to undertake its groundbreaking private cloud implementation. It is the largest cloud environment in Latin America.

Cloud USP delivers virtual desktops hosted by Citrix XenDesktop, streaming applications via Citrix XenApp, secure file storage, data sharing via Citrix Sharefile and cloud networking with Citrix NetScaler. The implementation also encompasses 480 Cisco UCS servers and 7 Pbytes of data storage from NetApp.

USP conducts 50 percent of all academic research done in Brazil. Historically, different departments acquired their own servers to support research and teaching. This patchwork of infrastructure was poorly controlled and managed. Now, Cloud USP will help researchers streamline the procurement phase and reduce the time required to provision any type of infrastructure.  Further, by bringing all these teams together under one secure system, the university can protect its intellectual resources. Currently, USP is delivering infrastructure as a service (virtual servers) for research labs, faculty and central administration.

Solution selling pays off

This highly successful project showcases the effectiveness of solution selling. Solve System steadily increased USP’s confidence and trust in its solutions, expertise and guidance. The team used each project with the university as a stepping stone to the next, and continually expanded its portfolio and knowledge base, including proactively seeking training and certifications on the new cloud solutions from Citrix Education Services.

In recognition of its achievements, Solve System was honored at the recent Summit event as the Citrix 2012 Partner of the Year for Latin America and the Caribbean. Solve also was named 2012 Partner of the Year for Brazil for the highest total revenue generated through leveraging the Citrix sales model in Brazil.

Mauricio Bettin, Solve System partnership manager, said, “It was a great honor to receive these awards, which show us that we are doing a great job and give us strength to keep up the good work. The choice of Citrix as a partner is essential for delivering virtual datacenter management with flexibility and security, backup, data replication and high availability.”