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Today, Partner Hubbub is all about the latest enhancements to NetScaler, our advanced enterprise cloud networking platform that provides elasticity, performance and simplicity for your customers. Capabilities such as three-way scalability with TriScale technology, stringent web app security, exceptional reliability through load balancing and a choice of physical and virtual appliances make NetScaler the key to transforming traditional customer datacenters into enterprise cloud environments.

Citrix recently announced the next release of NetScaler 10.

Read the news announcement.

This latest version is a groundbreaking release that:

  • Empowers a superior mobile application experience
  • Delivers an improved version of the widely popular TriScale technology to power cloud datacenters
  • Offers deep and actionable visibility for web and virtual desktops

This new release greatly expands the deployment potential for NetScaler in cloud networks of all types with special advantages for those operations managing mobile applications.

With approximately 200 features, the 10.1 software release provides new capabilities for multiple markets. Its broad feature set optimizes applications of all types and benefit large enterprises in the areas of telecommunications, cloud computing and social networking. In particular, next-generation applications for mobile clients are  enhanced through protocol support for SPDY, multi-path TCP and TCP Westwood – with unique integration to expand  advantages for XenMobile deployments. Enterprise cloud networks are boosted through traffic domains, additional clustered feature support and AutoScale integration with Citrix CloudPlatform. NetScaler Insight Center with HDX Insight builds on the successful Q1 launch: it is now coupled with Director to provide end-to-end visibility for virtual apps and desktops.

The new release also builds upon NetScaler 10 by adding clustering to popular NetScaler SDX platforms. SDX 8400, 8600, 11500-20500 and 17550-21550 will now fully support all three dimensions of TriScale technology. SDX clustering support for the recently announced NetScaler MPX 22000 series platform is coming in Q3. The new SKUs for SDX clustering will be orderable and available later this month. Customers with valid maintenance agreements are able to download NetScaler 10.1 today.

To learn more, view the May 13  webinar, “Just Networking: All About NetScaler 10.1 (DARA).” Visit the NetScaler blog site and read the nine supporting blogs for additional insight. Download and share the latest NetScaler datasheet and the “Achieve Mobile Delivery with Citrix NetScaler” white paper. Review the latest NetScaler PND.

Go to the 10.1 NetScaler Success Kits for more sales tools and reference material including:

For further information, reach out to John Gudmundson.

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