The new and improved Citrix CloudBridge platform is the first to unify WAN optimization and cloud connectivity in a single, integrated platform. Partners, let’s create some hubbub around this updated solution and gain a competitive advantage! As of June 10, your customers can enjoy secure, optimized connectivity across branches, datacenters and public clouds. Read on to find out all that Cloudbridge has to offer.

As IT strategies shift toward larger, centralized datacenters that leverage the scalability of public clouds, your customers want the flexibility to scale services across branches, datacenters and clouds with ease and security. Citrix recently announced the new CloudBridge family that merges Branch Repeater and CloudBridge products into a unified platform, combining WAN optimization with secure, transparent cloud connectivity.

The new CloudBridge offering gives your enterprise customers the ability to securely connect branches and datacenters to third-party cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure while optimizing and accelerating application traffic across various sites. This combined functionality also gives partners a distinct advantage over competitors, which currently  must position multiple devices to provide the same functionality.

For more information, please review the updated Success Kits or contact the CloudBridge Marketing Team.

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