Citrix is committed to making your experience with our products better. We are  building self-service options into our products that will allow you to receive troubleshooting advice to the problems you are encountering, but also more importantly receive pertinent, proactive information about the health of your Citrix environment.

In XenDesktop 7, we have incorporated the Citrix Error Reporting capability which will allow you to report problems to Citrix and receive remedial advice from Citrix.

How it works:

When you encounter a problem and you are ready to get help from Citrix, click the ‘Find a solution‘ button in Studio.

This will send an error report to Citrix that includes diagnostic information to help us identify the problem and recommend a solution. When you send us the report, we will scan our repository to check if there is a solution available to the problem you are encountering. If there is one available, you will be re-directed to the solution article (KB website) containing a potential fix to your problem. If we are unable to locate a solution article, we will log your errors in our system and will use the reported information to focus our Engineering teams on the problems that are being experienced by you the most.


Q: Can I view the data before I send it?

A: Yes! You can view the data by clicking the ‘Diagnostic Information‘ link on the Error dialog.

Q: How will I know when a solution becomes available?

A: Since the reporting is anonymous, we will be unable to contact you. However, we will be doing a few things to publish the findings online.

  • Once the solution becomes available, we will post the solution article to our Knowledge Center
  • Depending on the nature of the issue, we may incorporate these as fixes into our patch releases

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