Get the inside scoop from nine innovative hosted service providers who are using Citrix technology for desktops-as-a-service, application hosting, white-glove hosting services and more. Brief videos share insight, tips and customer stories.

Spend 3-4 minutes with Citrix Service Providers partners via CitrixTV.  Nine active CSP partners share insight on their individual service focus, using Citrix technologies, customer stories, the benefits of the Citrix and Microsoft partnership to their business and their tips for working with the Citrix Service Provider program.

Learn more about the Citrix Service Provider program – a unique offering that combines comprehensive technical and business resources for service providers to build high-value hosting businesses in a pay-as-you-go model.

Desktops as a Service with the Citrix Service Provider Program 

Richard Callis from Intercept IT explains why security, high availability and uptime – as well as the Citrix and Microsoft relationship – are key for customers choosing desktops as a service (DaaS).  He shares a customer reviewed public cloud and on-premise options, but chose Intercept IT hosted services.

Getting started hosting desktops with the Citrix Service Providers program

Tim Krosch from TekLinks shares advice for getting started with the Citrix Service Provider program and stresses the importance of the Citrix and Microsoft partnership to customers and service providers.  He explains how a partner’s business can be expanded to also host apps and desktops.

Hosting desktops for financial services with the Citrix Service Provider Program

Craig Taylor from Citrix Service Provider LC9 explains why desktops as a service help Australian financial services customers be more competitive and deal with aging infrastructure. He highlights moving IT to a “pay per user per month” operational expense gives customers more effectiveness, plus confidence around redundancy, reliability and software license compliance.

AEC cloud hosting with the Citrix Service Provider Program

Wes Smith from Citrix Service Provider The Cram Group explains AEC Cloud and delivering hosted applications to business-focused customers in architecture, engineering and construction industries. He highlights the Citrix service provider program includes the programs and training to guide business.

Enabling mobile workforces via the Citrix Service Provider Program

John Alston from Citrix Service Provider partner Club Drive Systems explains how a shipping client uses hosting services to provide worry-free access to applications for an entire workforce. Hosted applications delivered via XenDesktop enable salesteams, mobile workforces, delivery and warehouse staff as well as shipping teams to use complex asset tracking systems, even delivering images of each shipping container.

Supporting desktops as a service (DaaS) as a Citrix Service Provider

Dan Surratt from Citrix Service Provider OneNeck IT Services explains desktops as a service (DaaS) for customers as diverse as financial services, healthcare and construction firms. He highlights expanding an application management service to also include desktop management.

Citrix Service Provider supports customers’ exponential growth

Patrick Westcott from Citrix Service Provider TekLinks explains how hosted services helped a customer grow their business nationwide, keeping IT centralized and applications always available. Learn how the Citrix Service Provider program’s “consume as you use” licensing is particularly valuable to business.

White Label Hosted Services for resellers through the Citrix Service Provider Program

Andrey Zhulenev explains how Wipro works with the Citrix Service Provider program to deliver white-label hosted services through resellers and telcos to SMB customers who need virtual workspaces. He shares the power of cloud can bring enterprise+ virtual workplaces to the SMB segment.

Hosting desktops with the BSS starter pack

Timo Haapavouri from Citrix Service Provider partner Magic Cloud explains hosting desktops with the BSS starter pack.  He highlights CloudPortal Services Manager streamlining processes for customers and the business.