It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged about a new HDX Monitor release, but that’s not because we’ve forgotten about it. HDX Monitor 3.x’s major new development is support for the upcoming XenDesktop 7.0 release and VDI-in-a-Box 5.3 release. However, we’ve made sure HDX Monitor still supports all releases supported by the HDX Monitor 2.x version (i.e. XenDesktop 5.5 and XenApp 6.5 or newer, and VDI-in-a-Box 5.x).

HDX Monitor is a diagnostic and monitoring tool that requires little but delivers a lot. It captures a multitude of information about a VDA and its features, analyzes the data, and alerts you to issues related to configuration and performance.

HDX Monitor 3.2 Home Page

Here are some of the highlights of new functionality available in this version:

Added Components

We’ve split the former System Information component into System Information (i.e. OS and hardware), Client (i.e. Receiver), and VDA (i.e. XenDesktop, XenApp, or VDI-in-a-Box). This gives you the same amount of detail for these components as you’ve had with other components in the past. There’s also a new Branch Repeater component as well as a new Thinwire Advanced component for XD 7.0 that includes support for HDX 3D Pro.

Increased Configurability

We continue to add user settings to the application to allow you to customize the tool to your liking. You can now decide which components to show based on their state, as in “show only components that are enabled and currently active”. This helps a troubleshooter focus on just the pertinent features. Also, the list of all possible alerts is now available so you can see what criteria is used to trigger an alert as well as have the ability to “ignore” an Alert. Finally, support for a logging file has been added to help troubleshoot HDX Monitor itself.

HDX Monitor 3.2 Settings Page

Improved Import/Export

We’ve significantly improved the content of the import/export file to include all captured component data as well as performance counter data. This means you can take a snap-shot of the system and load it back into HDX Monitor at a later time with all the same analysis taking place.

Under the Covers

There’s been a lot of work under the covers as well, with improvements in reliability and performance.

Where to Get This Version

HDX Monitor also has a new home on the web. We’ve moved HDX Monitor under our Tech Support umbrella so you can now get HDX Monitor at this new web site

HDX Monitor 3.2 Download Site