Really appreciate all those that participated in our initial poll (the virtualization poll is still open in case you’d like to add more flavor to the conversation –

There were a limited number of responses, so it may not be completely reflective of the real world, but the trends seen from the responses did help to validate some of our initial assumptions.

VMWare is a major preference among the respondents, but in some cases, they use XenServer or Hyper-V for XenDesktop controller servers and/or VDI desktops – say, apart from other infrastructure being virtualized.

Why is that?


Does one technology run different types of desktops better than others? Cashier Terminals vs. High-End CAD stations?

What if you don’t want to invest anymore in your own virtualization? Maybe you just want your cloud subscription to handle the initial load and mitigate that huge upfront investment in machines, networking, and storage. I like to think of it as; “Cloud” – purely hosted in the cloud, no local infrastructure; And “Fog” – cloud and local hosting seamlessly.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read and give us feedback. Look for the next poll coming soon to a twitter feed near you!

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