Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles offered a wide choice of breakout sessions, from overviews to deep dives, architecture to toolkits and mobile device management to data sharing. I always enjoy looking back at the conference and identifying the most popular breakouts. These presentations captured the interest of many attendees because of their timeliness, helpful insights and practical value. Even more important, they opened people’s eyes about the power and benefits of mobile workstyle solutions.

However, nothing surpassed Geek Speak Tonight! in terms of audience involvement. Beer, hotdogs and pretzels aside, Geek Speak Tonight! provided old fashioned, in-person give and take between the panel members and the attendees, creating a lively, funny and informative program. As one person noted in the event survey, “Geek Speak is the #1 session. In no other forum is there a better exchange of information, ideas, concepts, and opinions. If you don’t leave Geek Speak wondering about how to tweak your own environment, then you must have been asleep.”

Here are other comments from the survey:

“Learning about the new XenDesktop 7 release was EXTREMELY helpful for me. I was able to see things in the keynote that I thought were very interesting, but being able to get more detail and context helped me develop a clear vision on what I needed to do to start preparing my environment for this.”

“It was so insightful to get a look into how the CTOs of Citrix think and look at things. It definitely gave me some great ideas.”

“ShareFile is going to be the perfect replacement for our current non-mobile-friendly network storage solution. I am going to recommend this product to the team who currently runs the LiveLink team.”

So, let’s have a drumroll for the top 10 Synergy sessions!

  • SYN501: Geek Speak Tonight! (Desktop Virtualization panel) & SYN501 (Mobility panel)
  • SYN415: Advanced best practices for migrating from Web Interface to StoreFront
  • SYN321: Next-generation desktop and app delivery with XenDesktop 7, Microsoft System Center 2012
  • SYN334: What’s new in XenDesktop and XenApp Platinum
  • SYN320: XenDesktop 7: what you should know about FlexCast management architecture and XenApp migration
  • SYN299: One Step Beyond – An audience with the Citrix CTO’s
  • SYN322: XenDesktop 7: reinventing HDX for mobile, 3D graphics and beyond
  • SYN222: Architecting a global XenApp farm with regional users using NetScaler and StoreFront
  • SYN404: Introducing the Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit
  • SYN206: What’s new in ShareFile Enterprise

In addition to these and other session videos, SynergyTV offers free, on-demand access to clips from the Opening Keynote, Innovation Award videos and video summaries of major product announcements made during the conference.  And, you can also view or download several presentations from Synergy on SlideShare.

Make plans to join us next year when Synergy returns to the Anaheim Convention Center on May 6-8. Follow me on Twitter @merisummers.