Is upgrade for everyone?

During the production lifecycle of a product, there comes a time when a newer release offers the chance for a customer to upgrade.  In terms of XenDesktop, is it expected that an in place upgrade of an existing deployment would upgrade all components automatically or some manual intervention would be expected?

There is also the question of whether customers would upgrade a working deployment at all or would they simply build a parallel deployment. Using this model users could be migrated from the older production environment to the new version piece by piece.

Additionally, would customers prefer a site export from a previous working deployment to be then imported back in to a new live deployment of the product?

We are interested in learning how customers would prefer to deploy a new version of XenDesktop when they already have an existing working deployment in place.  For this reason we have created a simple poll to gather this data.  If you could spend a few minutes of your time, we would greatly appreciate the feedback.

The upgrade poll is located at the following web address

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