BYOD, Flex-Working, Business Continuity, M&A Activity , Disaster Recovery, Windows Migration, Sales Team Mobility, Working Better by Design, Real Estate and building a next generation datacenter and IT infrastructure were just a few of the challenges Paul Martine faced when he became CIO at Citrix. With over 8500 employees in 90 offices spread across 35 countries and a constant influx of new employees the “Citrix on Citrix” initiative was born.

How do you get 20,000+ devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones access to over 140+ apps (Windows, Web, SaaS and Mobile) securely and with IT in full control?

Paul Martine, Citrix CIO & Corporate VP of Operations, will talk about the best practices for implementing a mobility solution that addresses critical IT projects and strategic business initiatives.

Watch Now and learn how to:

  • Mobilize your workforce with bring-your-own device and flex-work initiatives
  • Build a next generation datacenter and IT-as-a-service strategy that mitigates risk and controls security
  • Develop a foundation for business continuity, M&A and rapid growth
  • Enable migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 in just 90 days

WATCH ON-DEMAND TODAY and hear about our successes, triumphs, challenges, struggles and even mistakes when transforming an organization to a mobile enterprise. Be sure to check out the kits below for additional guidance on enabling a mobile, agile and flexible workforce.

Citrix BYOD Kit

Citrix Workshifting Kit

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For the latest Citrix and industry related news regarding Mobility and BYOD, follow us at: