As part of the XenMobile MDM and Enterprise Edition feature set, XenMobile NetScalerConnector (XNC) is now available.  XNC works in conjunction with NetScaler so that email Admins can control device access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. XNC tracks the compliant devices from the XenMobile Device Manager and communicates the list to NetScaler.  Based on the user’s device info that is trying to connect to corporate email, NetScalers at the datacenter edge will be the enforcerment-point – allowing safe mobile devices to have access to the corporate Exchange server and disallowing jailbroken devices and other devices that are not in corporate compliance.

XenMobile provides complete protection for your mobile applications, network, and data, and ensures end-to-end security and compliance.  When it is coupled with NetScaler that optimizes, secures, and controls the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services, the solution is powerful.  Together, these two products provide the ability to scale, ensure high availability for apps, and maintain security while reducing mobility deployment and management costs.

Feel free to check out XenMobile and NetScaler links for more product details.   Docs for XenMobile and the XNC feature can be found here.   All download needs can be found at download page.