Citrix’s HDX (High Definition Experience) technologies for delivering rich Windows apps to users on any network connection or device are taking a major leap forward in XenDesktop 7, the Excalibur release of project Avalon. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Professional graphics applications can now be delivered with high performance GPU sharing and H.264-based Deep Compression at frame rates more than 50% higher than previously possible, providing a smooth experience with excellent bandwidth efficiency, even with very large 3D models. For less demanding 3D use cases, new software rasterization technologies for DirectX and OpenGL provide a cost-effective alternative to hardware GPUs. And Desktop Composition Redirection leverages the DirectX graphics processing capabilities of Windows devices to deliver a highly interactive user experience.
  • Mobile workers will notice that the video frame rate on 3G connections at 800 Kbps is more than double what it was before. And HDX Windows Media Redirection, previously available for Windows and Linux, is being extended to Mac, iOS and Android, further improving server scalability by shifting the rendering to the user device [Note:  These enhancements will be introduced in post-Excalibur releases of Receiver]. Furthermore, this technology can leverage hardware outboard from the CPU to conserve battery power on mobile devices.
  • Multicast support has been extended to Windows media, dramatically reducing the bandwidth required to deliver live video events to branch offices. And video caching with CloudBridge has been extended to support content fetched directly by the user device, for even more bandwidth savings.
  • Major enhancements to the delivery of Unified Communications applications from XenDesktop have been announced by Microsoft (Lync), Cisco (Jabber) and Avaya (one-X Communicator). And Local App Access provides a new solution for Windows apps that need or benefit from local resources, including Citrix GoToMeeting with HD Faces. (More on Local App Access in a future blog post.)
  • XenDesktop 7 introduces full support for Windows 8 with a high level of interactivity and graphics quality. Be sure to watch the Synergy Keynote demonstration of Windows 8 delivery to an iPad!

Learn more about HDX in XenDesktop 7 by watching seminar SYN322 on Citrix TV.

Derek Thorslund
Director of Product Management