If you have been visiting our Citrix support KB websites, then I’m sure that you should have seen this popup on your browser:

So what is Citrix Auto Support? It is a website that anyone with a MyCitrix account can upload their Citrix logs for a quick health check. What is so fantastic about this website is that it will automatically analyze your log, and give you a report which includes known issues and best practice suggestions.

For example, I recently had some issues with a XenServer 5.5u2 at a customer site. Using XenCenter, I collected a server status report and uploaded it to the Auto Support. After it got uploaded and analyzed, straightaway it reported that 5 issues are detected:

Selecting that entry will give me a detail description of what are the issues and the resolutions. In the screenshot below, Auto Support is telling me that this XenServer has missing hotfix and configuration tips.

This is very useful for me as after a deployment, I can do an analysis on the environment to see if I can do more tuning or forgotten something. Not to mention that over time, this knowledge base will be updated with new tips and best practices.

Auto Support works for all of our main products and collecting the data is quite easy. For XenApp and XenDesktop, you just need to use Citrix Scout which will collect everything (registry settings, CDF traces etc). For NetScaler, use the management UI to generate a diagnostic log. For more information, please see CTX135408.