When I was a kid I just loved Schoolhouse Rock! “Conjunction Junction”, “A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing” were two good ones, but the infamous  “I’m Just a Bill” was my favorite. I think it was just how well it explained things.  You go from an idea to becoming a law and there are steps along the way that you follow… 1, 2, 3, and so on. Cool, I get it. Now, like any good process, the devil’s in the details and it’s easy for processes to breakdown if a part of the process is not optimized. I won’t go into a debate about where and if the US legislative process is broken, but you get what I’m saying.

I think there’s a parallel here with mobile apps and just how we’re doing as an industry in getting them ready to be used by enterprises at scale. Sure, we can say that apps start out as ideas and then eventually get wrapped up and delivered to end users, but there’s a lot more involved in getting this right. Some of it’s technical and some of it is process oriented.

It’s with this lens that I want to discuss today’s announcement about Worx Mobile Apps, the Worx App SDK and the Worx App Gallery. These three elements are critical to making mobile apps enterprise-ready and delivering them to people. I’ll share just a few nuggets about this announcement that brought this home for me:

Building Enterprise-Ready Apps — the Worx App SDK

Developers and enterprise IT alike need a simple tools for injecting the security capabilities that businesses want into their apps and a way to manage these capabilities once they’re in place. Whether it’s a commercial app that’s getting used by a lot of people for work or a completely custom app that IT is investing in for a line-of-business, the need is the same. Citrix introduced the Worx App SDK to handle this.  It’s a simple and powerful SDK that Worx-enables any mobile app. It leverages Citrix MDX app container technology to add features like data encryption, password authentication, secure lock & wipe, inter-app policies and micro VPNs to mobile apps. This MDX library can be embedded into any app with a single line of code. Developers can also opt to wrap their apps post-development without adding any code to their app. Pretty cool, right? Even cooler is the fact that close to 80 independent software vendors (ISVs) have committed to using the Worx App SDK with their own apps.

Showcasing these apps so that enterprises buy and use them — Worx App Gallery

ISVs building apps for business and IT professionals seeking them need a way to connect. That’s why Citrix is creating the Worx App Gallery. Quite simply, it is this place that IT professionals can go to find Worx-enabled apps. And for developers, the App Gallery is like a showcase where they can promote and provide information about their Worx-enabled apps.

Delivering these apps to end users, along with a set of high-octane productivity apps that Citrix has already created — XenMobile and Worx Mobile Apps

In every process you need a well-greased and efficient way to cover the highly trafficked last mile. The beauty here is that Citrix already has this covered with XenMobile, a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that can be used to serve up any Worx-enabled app to end users. So, IT gets apps from the Worx App Gallery and leverages XenMobile to deliver to end-users. To top it off, Citrix has Worx-enabled a bunch of it’s own apps, including WorxMail, WorxWeb and ShareFile. This means that businesses can get immediately going with the most essential apps and IT can be assured that they’re secure and implemented the way that the enterprise demands.

And the App Lives Happily Ever After

Like most Schoolhouse Rock stories, there’s a lesson to this blog. Many solutions can be technically great, but to truly address the big challenges, you need to be willing to look at the process and surrounding ecosystem. You need to be willing to figure out how we’ll do this at scale and build an ecosystem around the endeavor. I believe that Worx Mobile Apps, the Worx App SDK and the Worx App Gallery go a long way in this pursuit. I hope you’ll take a close look to see if you agree.