Accelerating XenApp application virtualization is now even easier with the inclusion of a free limited functionality version of the Citrix AppDNA application migration software in  XenDesktop 7 and XenApp 6.5 FP2 Platinum Editions. XenDesktop 7 and XenApp 6.5 FP2 Platinum customers can now automatically check compatibility for applications to be delivered in a XenApp hosted environment.

Announced today at Citrix Synergy, a Platinum license will give access to these limited AppDNA features:

  • Unlimited XenApp Hosted application testing – test some or all applications in the enterprise
  • Application remediation for XenApp Hosted
  • AppDNA Effort Calculator to size, scope migration effort

Regardless of virtualization product or vendor, every migration has the potential for application compatibility challenges. To help customers with their current migrations, only Citrix is integrating automated application compatibility with virtualization products with the goal of helping customers speed application migrations.

Think about your testing process today: set up a lab, coordinate business units to perform user acceptance testing, try to troubleshoot application failures, call the UAT owner back into the lab, repeat, repeat.  What if you could automate the process?

The AppDNA software uniquely analyzes the “DNA” of the application, determining the compatibility of the application.  Whether homegrown or commercial applications, EXE, MSI or another installation format, AppDNA can accurately illustrate the application’s behavior.

Within minutes, see application compatibility with XenApp Hosted in a clear red/amber/green traffic light report.  Quickly see which applications will be compatible and which may have application compatibility challenges.  Determine the overall application compatibility for the application portfolio and the potential final compatibility of the application set after application remediation fixes have been applied.

AppDNA then provides the detailed application remediation information. Choose the fixes that align with the best practices of the organization. Also, use the detailed AppDNA application issues report to align the application compatibility issues, then plan the right mix of junior and senior level staff for the migration project.

The limited edition of AppDNA will also give Platinum customers insight to the staff, time and budget needed to complete the application migration for XenApp Hosted with the AppDNA Effort Calculator.

AppDNA accelerates application migration for the current migration as well as the applications that are added to the mix on a daily basis. For more application compatibility support, customers can upgrade to the full editions of the AppDNA software.

Learn more about AppDNA application migration in Platinum Editions or download the no-charge AppDNA application migration trial edition today.