Does your enterprise aspire to improve collaboration and productivity through file sharing but has serious concerns about how the voluminous file traffic will impact the WAN throughput and latency?

Are the inter-connecting links among the branch offices and the headquarters often slowed down by bulky email attachments?

Does IT department in your enterprise wonder if they could somehow improve user experience for branch offices by prioritizing office-critical traffic over the background data transfers and print-job flows over the network?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a “yes” for your enterprise scenario then CloudBridge demo booth no. 22 at Citrix Synergy is the place to be !

That is where we demonstrate the acceleration benefits which can be achieved by using CloudBridge for ShareFile traffic. (Of course these are over and above the XenDesktop and WAN optimization which are associated with Citrix CloudBridge.)

Figure: Sample deployment of CloudBridge for acceleration of ShareFile data for enterprise hosted storage zone

CloudBridge offers the following optimization techniques for ShareFile

Compression: It is as if bulky file transfers are zipped into a compressed file before being sent over the costly WAN network. Make bulky file transfers into small manageable packages that use less BW while not affecting other important applications.

De-duplication: CloudBridge stores a local copy of shared file or workspace in each branch when the first user downloads it and only fetches the differential data over WAN on the next download.

Flow-control: Sometimes even a network upgrade to a higher throughput WAN pipe fails to show desired improvement. CloudBridge overcomes this challenge by sensing the latency and congestion in network and adaptively changing the transmit rate.

Visit our demo booth to witness all this magic first hand.