Walking Pod - Maker Faire 2013

Why don’t we change the game?

You’re coming to Synergy to hear about all the fantastic things Citrix is doing today and tomorrow. I’d like to share some secrets just a little further ahead of the curve. Citrix Startup Accelerator is part of Citrix Labs and invests in cool startups with insights and attitude that we reckon will matter to the enterprise. We’re going to hear from three “cloud” oriented companies – I’m not going to tell you who as yet, but I promise you’ve not heard of at least one of them before, and the premise may well be game changing.

You have to promise not to tell …

(Not really)

They and I would love to hear your thoughts, are we changing the game? Which game? And how might it be better played?

Here are the details:

Session Number: SYN212

Track: Cloud, Mobility

Date / Time: May 23, 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Room: Anaheim Convention Center Room 304C


Michael Harries: Chief Technologist, Citrix Startup Accelerator, and Sr. Director, Citrix CTO Office

John McIntyre: Sr. Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator

Jeremiah Shackelford: Manager, Operations & Marketing, Citrix Startup Accelerator

Session Description:

The Citrix Startup Accelerator invests in and works with selected top early-stage companies that are solving today’s most pressing IT problems. Join this session to hear about these companies and why Citrix is working with them. We will also bring a little bit of Silicon Valley to Anaheim with a pitch event (shark tank style) for three fantastic enterprise startups.