after a very successful SAPPHIRE in Orlando last week (for those of you who don’t know me yet, I am running the alliance with SAP for Citrix) and a very short weekend at home yesterday I took the flight from San Jose to Los Angeles today together with many other Citrix, customer and partner colleagues to get here for Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy this week. Two exciting events in a row organized by my two most favorite companies, Citrix and SAP.

At SAPPHIRE last week I had a meeting with a joint customer who is about to implement XenDesktop, including virtualizing and provisioning the SAP front-end components like SAPGUI etc.; during the conversation the customer asked me if using XenDesktop while being on a plane up in the air will actually work, and if yes how the performance will be. I promised to make a real test soon and share the results with him.

So, while flying with Virgin America VX236 from SJC to LAX today I made this short performance test:

  • Waiting until the ‘Turn off all electronic devices’ light went off (very important, you don’t want to get into trouble with the crew)
  • Turning on my MacBook Air (Boot time approx. 8-9 seconds, nothing beats MacOS and SSD)
  • Starting iPass Open Mobile to connect to the internet (Citrix has a corporate account with iPass, very convenient)
  • Connecting to the internet, connection was established within 15 seconds approx.
  • Launching Citrix Receiver and connecting to my virtual desktop in our corporate network (actually running in a data center in San Jose)
  • Measuring the latency with HDX monitor and testing the performance
This is a screenshot of this setup from today at 3:38pm PDT, approx. 20 minutes before landing in LAX:

As you can see in the tweet I wrote at that time the latency was 51 ms. Not bad at all for being at 35,000 feet. The user experience was as good as while sitting in my home office or wherever else. (The only problem was the passenger in front of me always moving back and forward with his seat back, hard to type on such a moving target/keyboard 🙂 ). SAP Enterprise Portal or SAPGUI worked without any problems up there (Citrix is also an SAP customer, not only a partner).

If you, like the customer I talked to at SAPPHIRE last week, work or plan to work with our products in an SAP environment I just can tell you that it will work like a charm, even on a plane in the clouds over California.

That’s all for today. I hope I will meet many of you this week at Citrix Synergy. See you then.

Best regards,