I must admit that I am a ShareFile junkie.

A day does not go by without sending a few large PowerPoint files to sales teams and customers about the value of the new Citrix CloudBridge. Of course, ShareFile is the tool I use to keep my Sent Items box small and track who is downloading my files.

I have also learned that a crashed laptop is no fun, especially a few hours before a presentation! So, just like brushing my teeth every morning, my ShareFile desktop sync is always on, backing up everything on my laptop every few minutes.

All of these files going back and forth do load up the enterprise network, especially in branch or campus locations… You may be surprised to hear that when I send a single file to 5 people, this results in 12 file transfers! It starts when  my first email uploads the file to ShareFile storage. The five people reading my email will download the file, upping our count to six transfers. Now, the zippy desktop sync kicks in on my laptop and the email recipients, firing up another 6 uploads to ShareFile storage, for a total of 12 transfers.

Citrix CloudBridge makes ShareFile zoom! With a CloudBridge deployment in the enterprise and in the Data Center where ShareFile storage is located, these file transfers are reduced to a ONE transfer from the office to the storage zone. All download and uploads zoom along at up to 10X the speed, with 1/20th the network usage. 

Learn more about how CloudBridge makes ShareFile zoom at Synergy 2013 in Anaheim in session SYN 304