— More awesome Synergy NetScaler sessions of course and win prizes!  Well, probably after getting coffee and a little breakfast 😉  Got to save some energy after partying with Maroon 5 by going to more NetScaler and XenMobile sessions on Friday May 24th.  Here the two back-to-back networking sessions that is definitely worth getting up after a fun Thursday night.  Come hear from Rajiv Mirani – NetScaler VP of Engineering and some of the NetScaler team members discuss in details the more cool things you should definitely want to know that you didn’t think were possible with NetScaler.   This is with SYN314 below:

Session Time 10am:  SYN314: Five more cool things you didn’t know were possible with NetScaler

Session Time 11am: SYN316: Architecting a scalable and more secure next-gen datacenter with enterprise mobility

The second session SYN316 is with NetScaler and XenMobile team members discussing the details of building a secure next-gen datacenter with enterprise mobility.  In this session we will also have ICSA labs come to confirm NetScaler as a certified application firewall and latest info on security.

Come also with the best questions for each session and you get a chance to win a gift card or an Apple TV!   So, if you go to both sessions you can win multiple prizes and learn from the folks that are in the heart of all the actions in the product groups.