AppController needs 3 mandatory fields information of a user from Active directory, which include First Name, Last Name and Email Address to pull users information into its database. Two different lists in AppController database which include

AppController maintains two lists in its database:

i) Master Users List.

ii) User ID list (which contains samAccountName attribute value)

In 2.5 and above releases of AppController if any of the above 3 mandatory fields are missing in Active Directory for a user, AppController will not bring that users information in its local database and will not show up the users information in Manage Users portal. This results user not able to access any of the apps in Receiver.

Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.5 or 2.6 release.

Issue: User is not able to see the AppController apps in any of the receivers. Also the user information does not show up in Manage user portal of AppController in spite of performing manual or forced sync.

Out of the above two tables, incase any of the 3 mandatory fields of a user are missing then only User Id list was getting updated and not Master Users list in AppController v2.0.This was a behavior of the v2.0 of AppController. Any of the users new or updated information in Active Directory was being pulled by AppController using its daily midnight sync or by performing manual sync.

AppController after the initial fetch is done on 2.0 and is upgraded to 2.5 or 2.6 release the sync behavior changes. New release of AppController replaces the daily auto sync with the delta auto sync, which after every few mins contacts the AD and pulls only the updated, and newly added user’s information rather than doing a full sync.

In Delta Sync, When AppController synchronizes with Active Directory on a periodic basis AppController only looks for changes made in Active Directory instead of synchronizing with the entire directory. This process results in a much faster performance from earlier versions of AppController.

During first time sync process:

If any of the 3 mandatory attributes which include: Firstname, Lastname, Email are missing then delta sync will not happen.

Firstname LastName Email Delta Sync
      √       √       √       √
      √       √       X       X
      √       X       √       X
      X       √       √       X

Once first time sync process is completed, if any of the mandatory 3 AD attributes are changed delta sync will automatically sync the user information.

FirstName LastName Email Delta Sync
Changed NotChanged NotChanged       √
Changed NotChanged Changed       √
NotChanged Changed Changed       √
Changed NotChanged Changed       √
Changed Changed NotChanged       √

So incase of upgrade from v2.0 to v2.5, if there is any missing field information out of 3 mandatory fields required then we don’t see that users information in Master Users list.

This is a corner case and is observed only when AppController is updated from 2.0 to 2.5 and above. Post 2.0 release of AppController does not have similar issue and we can safely assume that all users with First Name, Last Name and Email Address will be able to see their respective apps in receiver they are entitled to access.

If for any of the users, First Name or Last Name or the Email Address is missing upon subsequent addition of these missing information in AD, will be delta synced in to AppController.


We have two workarounds to fix the issue, which arises if upgrade is performed from 2.0 to 2.5 or 2.6 releases:

  1. Do a temporary change in the email address for the users in AD and let delta sync identify the change and pull the record in AppController. Once the record shows up in AppController, we can revert the email address change in AD for the user.
  1. Remove the user id information from one the tables in AppController and do a manual sync i.e. Refresh from Active Directory option in Control Point.

NOTE: We recommend using the first workaround rather than going to the DB directly.