Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you know by now about the Consumerization of IT. Let’s face facts…you probably have a couple of cowboy consumers in your organization…literal outlaws…running around using personal devices and consumer apps with wanton disregard for security and compliance. What’s worse is that some of these lawbreakers may even be executives!

Don’t blame them…it’s not their fault that IT hasn’t caught up with the features and functionality that personal devices and consumer apps now offers that allows them to be more productive. Solving this is not an overwhelming task, you just have to recognize that traditional IT is dead, the Cloud era is upon us, and that its time to now get through what I’m going to call the PC era steps of grief.

  • Denial – “Not everyone is mobile and connecting over Wi-Fi networks…Most folks are still using a PC with a wired ethernet connection”. If you’re still in this stage then I have some magic beans I would like to sell you.
  • Pain – “Where is all this unsecure data traffic coming from and how much of this is intellectual property? You’ve now realized the consumerization of IT is happening to you but you don’t want to dwell in this stage too long.
  • Guilt – “My data got compromised…Was I too slow to react to solve this problem?” Don’t panic…enabling BYOD securely is not as difficult as you think.
  • Reflection – “Where did I go wrong and what can I do to solve this problem?” This is the stage where you want to be, now is the time to get some work done.
  • Transformation – “These are my requirements to Assess, Design, Deploy and Support BYOD”. You’re on the right track, now you just need to work with the right vendor.
  • Acceptance – “It’s going to be great to see the business, users and IT all realizing the benefits of a complete, end-to-end integrated BYOD solution”. You’re obviously thinking about a Citrix BYOD solution at this point.

Citrix has the tools, guidance and solutions to enable you to achieve device independence yet retain complete security and control. Learning how to convert your cowboy consumers to BYOD champions is a simple 3 step process:


Recognize that these are the issue that you will need to address:

  • Device – lots of them running many different operating systems
  • Apps – different types to deliver including windows, web, mobile and SaaS
  • Data – follow me data solutions being utilized that are not controlled by IT
  • Security – security and control over the apps, data and the devices their running on


Attend the following sessions at Synergy to learn how to address these problems:

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Drop by the Mobile Workstyles Theater in the Citrix Booth to see first-hand how these solutions work and check out the Citrix BYOD Starter Kit for guidance on how to start your own and Citrix BYOD Solutions for additional resources.


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