Like a magnet, attracting many onlookers, MPX 22000 series debut at Interop was a success.   With the porche-style bezel and black casing, MPX 22000 series shines on the show floor as it should!  Here are some specs that speak for itself on the impressive numbers:

  • Starting with MPX 22040 – 40Gbps System throughput with around 120,000 SSL TPS for 2K keys!
  • Pay-Grow capabilities that can go from 40 to 60, 80, 100 and 120 Gbps system throughput
  • SSL TPS for 2K keys can go over 500,000!

Not only does the MPX 22000 series have impressive numbers but what people are commenting about on the show floor is that it is still a 2U appliance – so customers can save rack space at the same time as being able to handle up to 120Gbps of system throughput.  Like all other models today, it will also be able to leverage all the current software capabilities that differentiate NetScaler today.

MPX 22000 series will now be the ultra high-end appliance for NetScaler and will also be leveraged for NEBS certification for Telco requirements.  This series will also allow us to continue to lead the price/performance capabilities that will help all existing and new customers.  If you are at Interop visit the Citrix booth #1739 and see the impressive box yourself!