We all know that first impressions count and, with an estimated 75% of all customers enquiries now starting online, your website is no exception.

Citrix Syndication has recently completed a new project designed to help you – and your website – stand out from the crowd. Launching May 16, these brand new Citrix branded buttons are designed to help drive traffic directly to your syndicated showcase and can be used in a variety of different ways:

  • Place directly on your homepage and lead customers to your Citrix content
  • Use within newsletters or email signatures
  • Even link from Social Media sites such as Facebook or Linkedin!

Multiple choices, multiple languages
There are a total of six new designs to choose from, ranging from mobile workstyles desktop virtualization themes, or simply showcase related. Each design is available in a choice of three Citrix colors, ocean, pine or grape, and can also be displayed in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German and French!

To access these exciting additions, simply log in to your partner console and select marketing tips from the help section of the dashboard. Here you will find the full selection available plus instructions on how to implement straight away!

But wait, there’s more
We are also pleased to deliver a new enhancement that gives you the added functionality of delivering a personalized welcome message to your customers. Perhaps you have a specific promotion or message you’d like visitors to keep top-of-mind – the welcome message is the perfect opportunity to do just that. To enable this functionality simply log in to your partner console and select welcome message from the content management section of the dashboard.

So what are you waiting for? Put your best foot forward and check out the new marketing buttons today. Afterall, your customers – and website – deserve it.

Ways to stay connected

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