Even the biggest movie hound has only so much data storage and corresponding eyeballs to go around. But if you are an IT Administrator in charge of delivering screaming fast data delivery in the terabit/second range you may want an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution that can. Much fanfare has been made about the latest NetScaler MPX 22000.  Among such full featured ADC solutions they have an industry leading capacity per appliance of 120 Gbps of HTTP traffic.  When up to 32 units are clustered together in one giant virtual unit using Citrix TriScale Technology  over 3 Tbps of aggregate sustained throughput can be supported.

Currently the IMDb video site shows the number of feature films exceeds 279,000. Downloading movies in true 1080P high definition typically utilize under 8 Mbps. For instance, YouTube streams between 4 and 8 Mbps and NetFlix streams at around 4.8 Mbps.  To be safe we assume 8 Mbps. Doing the math shows the total bandwidth required at approximately 2.23 Tbps. The NetScalerMPX 22120 with clustering exceeds that figure by nearly 40 percent; even if we assume cluster overhead. With video delivery configurations the overhead would actually be near zero. With growth NetScaler can handle over half a million 1080P movies at once. If the MPX can manage this feat we think it will  be ready and able to handle the size of any data pipe you throw at it. As an archaic film industry command from Hollywood producers of yesteryear once said: “Roll Tape”. Now they need to add: “Scale this media room 279,000 times!”