The NetScaler MPX 22000 series of application and service delivery controllers from Citrix represent the ultimate in scalable high performance, yet full featured appliances.  Taking only two rack units of space, these power packed solutions provide a groundbreaking 40 to 120 Gbps of true HTTP traffic capacity along with over a half a million SSL transactions per second. No other alternative provides this hyper flexible “Pay-As-You-Grow”  growth via only a software license upgrade. Why would anyone use anything else? Think about it. You need performance for your critical e-commerce, financial and healthcare environments, but don’t want the burden of adding blades to monster-sized 16U high chassis. Even when maxed out the total SSL TPS capacity of such chassis is not even half; given the price of these alternatives the resulting cost/TPS is 6x the MPX offering.

When comparing feature sets, the MPX 22000 series simultaneously supports every functional module without exception. That means whether you need an Application Firewall, SSL VPN, unique visibility into ICA flows within Citrix XenDesktop or Citrix XenApp, compression, caching, or DataStream SQL aware traffic management for SQL database servers, we have you covered. What about the relics from the iron age? Looking at the chassis product matrix showing feature support by platform and it looks like Swiss cheese.  Competing vendors either simply do not have the MPX features at all or you must run no more than four at a time—provided  you choose among the few “quad combos” available. And remember basic load balancing counts as a module.

If you are a telecommunications, service provide, social networking site or giant enterprise operation and need more capacity, Citrix TriScale technology can further take you to new heights. By clustering up to 32 of these MPX units into one single system image with one “super VIP” total Layer 7 capacity exceeds 3 Tbps! No alternative can cluster two chassis together, let alone 32. While such traffic needs are rare it is nice to know the option to “scale-out” is there. After all you never know when you need the bandwidth to stream every movie listed in IMDB in 1080p resolution simultaneously! More on this on a separate blog.