Do you remember when you purchased that sleek, shiny smartphone and walked it out of the mall or the Apple store? You probably know that your connection to the Internet was over the mobile network (or “cellular network” for those who roll old-school).

What happened next?

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Mobile and enterprise networks - two worlds colliding

This: you walked in your front door or the front door of your office – BYOD-style –and said “so long” to the vagaries of the mobile network. Wi-Fi enveloped you and became your life-giving umbilical cord to the Internet.

But you can’t stay on Wi-Fi forever. Your mobile devices are destined to lead a double life, flip-flopping between Wi-Fi and the mobile network. When you’re on that mobile network, there are all sorts of things that can happen that don’t necessarily happen in the perfect enterprise world of Wi-Fi and GigE connections.

“Like what?” you ask.

  • The resolution of the video you’re watching is adjusted to reflect the capabilities of the device you’re using, saving precious bandwidth
  • The TCP protocol is heavily modified to accommodate fleeting congestion and latency on the order of hundreds of milliseconds, substantially improving your download times
  • Your quality of experience (QoE) is measured in real-time and the delivery of web and video is adjusted to maintain a target level of “goodness”
  • Videos are cached and optimized before they’re delivered to you, cutting your wait time

Citrix ByteMobile – the newest member of the Cloud Networking Group – delivers these and many more capabilities to the mobile network and the devices living on it.

Here’s the thing: the technology that mobile carriers use to manage subscriber experience and network efficiency on the mobile network can be leveraged to enhance application delivery and subscriber experience in enterprise networks, especially as those enterprise networks experience rising congestion and device explosion brought on by BYOD.

When you join us at SYN211, “How tomorrow’s enterprise network can benefit from today’s mobile carrier network,” you’ll learn how the lessons and techniques of mobile network traffic, device and user management can and are being applied to enterprise networks with Citrix NetScaler and Citrix CloudBridge.

You’ll learn how:

  • Enterprise video delivery will improve dramatically
  • User QoE will become front-and-center in enterprise traffic management
  • Congestion control isn’t just for mobile networks
  • Greater network insight can enhance user experience and simplify network planning

At SYN211, you won’t be able to help but see the enterprise network through new eyes.

See you there!