Do you feel provoked by your remote desktop session sometimes? If you do, why is this so? Maybe it’s because of the remoting protocol you are using. To feel provoked by a protocol or its resulting screen output implies that you must be seriously interacting with your remote desktops and applications. Probably it’s time to join protocol therapists Benny Tritsch and Shawn Bass in their session about treating the VDI blues.

Violence against computers and remote desktops are typical symptoms of the VDI blues and does not only happen in isolated cases. In fact, Technology-Related Anger (TRA) is a clinical diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is no simple cure. Solid understanding of how remoting of different media formats works with different remoting protocols is essential for successful TRA treatment. How good is Microsoft RemoteFX when compared to Citrix HDX and HDX 3D Pro? How good are the other guys’ protocols out there? And which one is best suited for different media formats and network conditions? You want answers? Sure you want!

So don’t miss Benny and Shawn’s healing session if you want to overcome your case of TRA and the VDI blues. They have a solid track record of uncovering the pains of remoting protocols.

  • “How RDP/ICA Graphics and Media Remoting Really Works – Behind the Scenes” from 2009, explaining how text, PDF, WPF, raster images, Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime and WMV videos work when used in remote desktop sessions.
  • “Remoting Protocols Turned Inside Out” from 2010, introducing the visual comparison of recorded test sequences in a 4-up video player.
  • “VDI Remoting Protocols Turned Inside Out v2.0” from 2011, an updated version of the visual comparison including 3D graphics (DirectX, OpenGL), new protocols (HDX 3D Pro, RemoteFX) and sophisticated WAN emulation.
  • “Remoting Protocols in a Mobile World” from 2012, adding test sequences using 3G and 4G mobile networks.

Now it’s time for the ultimate shootout between the newest versions of RemoteFX and HDX. So mark this date in your Synergy calendar if you want to ease your protocol agony: Thursday, May 23 at 9:00 AM in the Anaheim Convention Center Room 210B. The session title is “SYN506: May the best protocol win: an independent comparison of Microsoft RemoteFX and Citrix HDX”. For more information, simply follow Benny Tritsch (@DrTritsch) and Shawn Bass (@ShawnBass) on Twitter.

Benny Tritsch is a virtualization technology expert, IT system architect, technical communicator and market analyst, working as Director of Technical Community at AppSense. He is a frequent speaker at leading international industry events and has published many technical articles and several best-selling books. Benny is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for RDS since 2004 and a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) since 2006. If you want to know more about Benny’s community activities, check out his website