Let’s start this by setting it straight from the start…just because you are not a CSP (Citrix Service Provider), cloud delivery partner, hosting company or magic kingdom (will try to avoid more Disneyland references) it doesn’t mean you do not have the need for a multi-tenant environment…or actually don’t already have one.

Think of it, how many branches do you have? Or how many subsidiaries are there in your organization? Or how many departments does your part of the government have?

Most of us live in a multi-tenant world without either knowing…or simply try to ignore it to try and dodge some of the challenges with it. How many times have you gotten the simple question if one part of your organization can have a different logo or background color on their logon portal…or different security settings in their desktop session, or different authentication methods since OTP through texting just doesn’t really work in that cave they work in. Or how many times have you wanted to offer this to you users but don’t know how?

For that all important graphical layout we have all seen the different blog articles how to modify the logon pages or how to add the bubble theme to your logon page but they all have the same issue, they are static!

One of the current hot topics in the world of web development is “Responsive Controls“…what I’m talking about however is more then just changing layout when going to a small screen form factor…that’s not new, Web Interface has done this for many years…still only static though! We will however take responsive control to the next level…Adaptive Access!

Now you’re thinking…we already heard that, it’s called FlexCast…but FlexCast is only in the last step in the chain, before that we need to check what main feature you are trying to access and adapt the initial layout based on what you are accessing and from where…meaning Adaptive Layout.

Once we know where you are heading we can combine that with where you are coming from and with that information decide how we should verify that you are who you say you are…

After the dynamic authentication is done in a manor we find suitable based on your needs it’s time to decide what we should present to you, from where and lastly how…meaning how it should look and what we should allow you to do once launched… To decide this we can combine what we know since pre-logon and bind that with the extra information we now have at our hands…your identity.

So if you come from source/client A, heading to URL B and authenticate/belong to group C we know that you should have the logon GUI X, desktops and resources from Y and connect with permissions/resources Z in the desktop itself…Meaning ABC actually does give XYZ…not harder then that!

The key here is that with a single end-point resource we can dynamically adjust anything we want in the user experience, covering initial experience, security, responsiveness and access limits all the into the Desktop session, taking the best from FlexCast and turn it into the best from Responsive Control and FlexCast and create full Adaptive Access.

Thanks to this we can deliver exactly what we want to whomever asks for it no matter what part of the organization and always adapt the user experience to make sure he recognizes where he is and get the help he needs.

This is something that customers and users have been requesting since the first version of nFuse (Web Interface/StoreFront for the younger crowd)…how to adapt content and access for the different parts of the user base.

So what will you learn in this Citrix Synergy session? Well…you will know how to:

  • Dynamically adapt the user experience and authentication based on several different key factors like:
  • URL
  • Client information (IP, browser, OS etc.)
  • Certificates
  • Merge multiple back-end resources to one portal.
  • Make sure the user only get the resources he should have.
  • Properly segment access to back-end systems
  • Understand when to use SDX, MPX or VPX…and why!
  • Why you should think like a CSP even if you aren’t one.
  • So the fact that you are not a CSP/Cloud provider doesn’t matter…take it from me, all users don’t have the same needs and wants…they don’t deserve it…and they will want you to attend SYN333 – Delivering desktops in a multi-tenant environment using NetScaler.

    Henrik Johansson is an infrastructure and solution architect/designer with a focus on networking optimization, multi tenant solutions, cloud and security. Currently, he is working as a Director of Professional Services with a focus on increasing availability and security through the use of Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Branch Repeater and cloud services together with leading a highly skilled team of consultants. Henrik has more than 17 years in IT and over 12 years of experience working with Citrix products. He has a background in security testing/advisory and development and is a NetScaler wizard and evangelist and frequent presenter at various industry events including Citrix Synergy and BriForum. Henrik is also a CTP (Citrix Technology Professional, CCIA (Citrix Certified Integration Architect) certified and Citrix MVP SME. Follow him on Twitter @HenrikJay.