What does it take to succesfully deliver 3D professional graphics applications to remote and offshore users and to address cost, security and consolidation needs?   How can you cost-effectively meet the needs of 3D users like designers, engineers, editors and reviewers with varying performance requirements? XenDesktop, XenServer and NVIDIA GPU is the perfect solution for meeting these requirements.  This solution has been available for several years now and it is getting better this year. Citrix and NVIDIA have been collaborating in developing the next generation of NVIDIA GPU integration with XenDesktop called NVIDIA GRID.  At Citrix Synergy 2013,  Steve Harpster, NVIDIA Solution Architect, and I will review the capabilities of the NVIDIA GRID cards and share our XenDesktop field experiences.  Mark your calendar for the  SYN214: Best practices for virtualizing 3D professional graphics apps session.

Are you planning to conduct a XenDesktop POC for some 3D professional graphics applications? Have you done this type of POC before and would like to learn more about proven practices? There’s more to just adding a GPU to a workstation or virtual desktop to support your 3D users.  To start with, there are multiple XenDesktop and XenApp configuration options (with or without a GPU) to select from that can meet your use case, performance and budget requirements.  A POC should prove out the viability of the Citrix solution and there is no better approach but to plan ahead, avoid unnecessary complexity, deliver optimal performance, and avoid any surprises.  A POC should not take more than 2-3 weeks so that management commitment can be quickly obtained for a full implementation. In SYN214: Best practices for virtualizing 3D professional graphics apps, we will review success factors and lessons learned that can help you with your POC.

Did your management approved your Citrix 3D professional graphics project? Now you are challenged with building a production-ready XenDesktop environment. What does it take to build a scalable Citrix platform for your 3D users? You may be under pressure to meet a deadline but taking a shortcut may not be the smart thing to do. What do you need to know to avoid missteps? Many 3D users are very demanding with respect to performance since they are used to high-end dedicated workstations. You need to make sure that the XenDesktop and associated layers of the architecture will consistently perform well.  Join us in SYN214: Best practices for virtualizing 3D professional graphics apps and learn more about it.

If you have any lessons learned from your XenApp HDX 3D and XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro implementations, please share it by adding a comment to this blog.  Also tell us the actual 3D applications that you succesfully delivered using XenApp or XenDesktop.

George Prado
Lead Enterprise Architect
Citrix Consulting Services