Enterprise Mobility Management is so much more than MDM or MAM or MCM (you pick your favorite 3 letter acronym – maybe even create a few new ones) The basic task of mobility management is building an increasingly efficient workforce, with improving levels of productivity, leveraging tools that simplify the operational complexity of providing a connected experience, that makes this vision a reality. For a long time, this meant mobilizing line of business Windows apps on smartphones and tablets, which Citrix has done and continues to do very effectively, leveraging Citrix XenDesktop and the power of the Citrix Receiver. The addition of CloudGateway into this mix enabled scenario based extensions, that allowed us to “snap-in”, on-demand, native mobile applications, with enterprise level security controls. The integration of Zenprise’s best-in-breed device management capabilities makes this story even more complete, and the underlying data platform with ShareFile ties all of these multiple access scenarios up into one nice bundle. The other components of the Citrix portfolio, with NetScaler, GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, Podio, augment and accelerate specific use cases, enhancing supportability, scalability, usability and enriching functionality.

With all of these components brought together, in a pluggable “snap-in” architecture, that allows one to pick/ choose key use cases and scenarios, and accordingly design ones enterprise environment, without needing to re-architect the network, nor re-educate the end-users, provides Citrix’s customers a significant advantage in how enterprise mobility is managed.

I’ll be speaking at our annual end-user conference at Citrix Synergy 2013, in SYN309, where we will look at this complete picture, right from making the appropriate choices, designing access scenarios and to bringing it all together, to achieve the end goal of enhanced workforce efficiency and productivity. We are going mobile, and we’re really excited to have you all join us on this journey….