— WARNING — Hardcore Developers at Work

If the sheer mention of the word ‘code’ makes you cringe like nails on a chalkboard, then read no further. But if you take coding challenges head on, then this session is for you.

For the past 12 years, I have shared a litany of information about Web Interface and Netscaler customizations and integrations in various Citrix forums. While most would be intimidated by the complexity, time and effort that goes into advanced customizations, the examples that will be demonstrated during this session at Citrix Synergy will show that it would be well worth it. My team at IPM has also been evaluating the pros and cons of StoreFront and comparing those to Web Interface. This session will showcase some of the best practices we have assembled and give you some valuable insight to keep in mind when deciding to stay with Web Interface or migrate to StoreFront.

So why customize?

There are many reasons – both from a technical and business perspective – on why advanced customizations are worth their weight in gold. Where standard customizations involve superficial and visible changes, advanced customization add functionalities to the Web Interface that deliver value-add. Think branding, speed, accountability, audit-ability, administration and user experience.

While I won’t delve into each of these reasons now (gotta leave something for the presentation!), here’s a sampling of what you can expect at SYN415: Advanced best practices for migrating from Web Interface to StoreFronton Wednesday, May 22, 8:30 – 9:15 AM PST time in Room 303A and repeated Thursday, May 23, 4:00 – 4:45 PM PST time in Ballroom A.



In today’s competitive business landscape, it is imperative to incorporate a company’s brand into every facet of their internal and external communications. Developers can add tremendous value to their company by creating different customizations to fully integrate and boost brand equity, such as:

  • integrating branding elements (logo, mastheads, and color palette)
  • customizing backgrounds/images per department/workgroup
  • incorporating Web Interface into the corporate intranet


Everyone, from the receptionist on up to the CEO, are pressed for time and speed is their best ally. Be the one to bring the force to the people by creating customizations that improve speed and performance, by:

  • eliminating unnecessary “default” .NET procedures
  • optimizing application pool and web.config settings
  • decreasing response time for first application requests


Every job has tasks that deserve to be on the yuck list, but at the end of the day, they still have to be done. We’re talking user accountability, tracking, and system reporting – to highlight a few. Fun stuff right? Okay, maybe not fun, but through advanced customizations you can get them done without pulling out all of your hair. For example:

  • simplifying the task of modifying multiple authentication sources
  • generating customized user tracking reports
  • sifting through the overload of information and reports

User Experience

Unlike your significant other, it doesn’t take much to make a user feel special. You can leverage advanced customizations to make subtle yet powerful modifications that personalize the user experience and further connects them to the company and its brand. For example:

  • personalizing user details, such as name, title, department, etc.
  • filtering out unnecessary information
  • adding functionality that’s of interest to the user

Advanced customization for Web Interface and StoreFront is not rocket science, but it can be cumbersome and at times tricky. It doesn’t have to be. The TechDev team at IPM has dealt with more than its fair share of customizations, and have seen the benefits they afford companies. Join me at Citrix Synergy and learn how you can leverage these customizations to your advantage and be the rock star at your organization.

Sam Jacobs is IPM’s Director of Technology Development Services. With more than 25 years of IT consulting, Sam is a Citrix Web Interface and Netscaler customizations and integrations expert. He holds Microsoft MCSD and Citrix Netscaler certifications, is the author of IPM’s TechDev Corner blog and is an active Citrix Forum contributor. A seasoned technical speaker, Sam integrates industry insight with real implementation experience, and has presented at BriForum and contributed to Synergy and Solutions Summit. Learn more about IPM or the TechDev practice. Sam can be reached at: sjacobs@ipm.com.