Being founded in South Florida probably made it inevitable that Citrix would understand the importance of business continuity. If there is one thing being in South Florida teaches you is that business disruptions will happen, it’s not a matter of if…it’s when.

In October 2012 the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 hurricane season hit the east coast affecting 24 states including New Jersey.  It is estimated that Hurricane Sandy caused billions in economic losses and displaced thousands of workers, making it the one of the costliest hurricanes to ever hit the US. Citrix was not spared…our New Jersey offices were without power for a few days and our employees were without power for up to several weeks. The Citrix Business Continuity team quickly sprang in action and worked with our travel partners to assist employees (and their families) in finding hotels with power enabling 90% of the workforce in New Jersey to remain productive while remote with Citrix mobile workstyles solutions, which included products such XenDesktop and XenApp.

Does your organization have a business continuity strategy that can address business disruptions?

A comprehensive business continuity strategy is essential to keep people productive and maintain business operations and customer satisfaction during any kind of disruption – including natural disasters, storms, utility outages or even the seasonal flu to name a few. The best way to address this is to have a strategy that keeps your workforce connected so they can work effectively from other locations.

Your business continuity strategy should:

  • Give people secure remote access to their business resources from any location, on any device
  • Deliver a self-service enterprise app store that enables people with access to all their business apps and data
  • Provide tools that enable people to meet, communicate and collaborate with people anywhere in a simple fashion
  • Deliver seamless access and high performance to private cloud (on-premise) or public cloud resources

Join Citrix business continuity experts Michael Emerson, Senior IT Director and John Lugo, Senior Business Continuity Analyst, to learn how to prepare your organization for any disruption and hear how Citrix has kept people productive during major disruptions like Hurricane Sandy.

Watch Now On-Demand and learn how to:

  • Take a comprehensive approach to business continuity planning, management and testing
  • Simplify IT by leveraging everyday infrastructure used for office, home and remote access including virtualization technologies and online collaboration services
  • Protect and track business information accessed from any location on any device and in any situation
  • Handle both expected and unexpected business disruptions

Developing a business continuity strategy doesn’t have to be challenge. WATCH ON-DEMAND TODAY and learn from the experts.

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Michael Emerson is the Senior Director of IT Infrastructure at Citrix, responsible for the overall architecture of the corporate IT environment including information security and business continuity.  

John Lugo is the Senior Business Continuity Analyst at Citrix, responsible for managing the Global Business Continuity Program.