At Synergy LA this May, my colleague Andrew Dent and I will venture out onto a limb in an attempt to answer this question. Please accept our personal invitation to join us in our thought provoking session, SYN207 Beyond mobile workstyles: the workplace of the future.

A lot of people ask us what work will look like in the future. Well in the words of William Gibson, “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”. At Citrix Labs we have an interpretation of this that says, “The future is here it is just distributed in very weird ways”.

We live in arguably the most exciting period in history for technology. Technology resources are relatively plentiful and knowledge is becoming ever-increasingly distributed. Individuals can connect, create, and project their creations like never before in human history. Coupled with society’s mega-trends, this will lead to a range of Surprising Combinations as entrepreneurs and innovators rush to solve a new generation of problems.

So what does the workplace of the future look like? We think it will be anywhere and everywhere. There will be lots of devices, and a level of intelligence in technology that renders today’s mobility challenges a distant memory. The magnitude of upcoming change will be stunning and we are still only in spring training.

This May at Synergy LA, spend some time with the Citrix Labs team as we surface new ideas, and thinking, from across the Citrix ecosystem. We will show, with live demonstrations, how workplace technology is evolving to deliver a more harmonious end-user experience and a more productive workforce.

See you in LA!

Simon Farrugia.
Technology Strategist, Citrix Labs.