One of the biggest challenges an enterprise faces when adopting cloud technology, specifically IAAS, is that they are mostly geared towards operating as the backend for a public cloud. Identification of operational needs for a private cloud and their differences has not been a clear mantra within the industry. Prior to deciding which path to take on our adventure into cloud technology we reviewed some of our success criteria. In order for us to feel comfortable proceeding with implementation we felt the following was critical:

  • Integration with existing network operations model
  • Cisco centric
  • Flexibility with storage, networking and security from the hypervisor selections
    • We made the decision to pivot from VMware to XenServer
  • Auto frameworks
    • We are primarily a Puppet shop with some Chef
  • Security
    • Need to meet compliant standards
    • LDAP/Kerbose Auth with our existing directories
    • VLAN for network isolation for tenants
    • Unified security at all tiers of the environment no different than we are current achieving with existing solutions
  • Polished API/GUI for both clients and operations
    • Making sure that operationally we did not have a heavy investment to make to run IAAS
    • No development resources are required for operation
  • Performance
  • Needless to say we have a much longer list than this, but these are the real differentiators. The more we define the needs of the private cloud the more we will be able to push for solutions which meet our needs. Be sure to join me at Citrix Synergy  (in Disney’s hometown) for session SYN331: Walt Disney’s enterprise private clouds: best practices with an integrated model to learn more.

    Peter Lopez is a system architect for Walt Disney Company. He has more than 10 years of experience pertaining to infrastructure architecture for hybrid global platforms, including both military and enterprise applications. He has presented to external audiences on private cloud architecture for the enterprise (UCLA), CloudStack and private enterprise (Citrix campus), SEO and engineering (UCLA) and media companies and technology (UCLA), as well as on numerous occasions within Disney.